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The Suzuki Method is an educational philosophy which strives to create “high ability” and beautiful character in its students through a nurturing environment.

The ‘nurture’ involved in the movement is modeled on a concept of early childhood education that focuses on factors which Shinichi Suzuki observed in native language acquisition, such as immersion, encouragement, small steps, and an unforced timetable for learning material based on each person’s developmental readiness to imitate examples, internalize principles, and contribute novel ideas.

In our Toddler and Pre-school music sessions the children have the opportunity to listen to and play various tuned and untuned percussion instruments.
Nursery rhymes, action songs, finger play, story-telling and other musical activities in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu are taught and used to introduce instruments like the ocarina, glockenspiel, ukulele, guitar, violin and piano. These instruments and activities are combined to assist the development of various skills - social-emotional, size, pitch, rhythm, number, fine and gross motor co-ordination, observation, listening and sequencing, vocabulary, memory and pre-literacy skills. 

Children are usually quite ready to begin learning a musical instrument from around the age of four. We offer private tuition for children enrolled in our Montessori@Home Independent School in: piano, guitar, ukulele and beginner violin.

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Dawid van der Merwe