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Why choose a Montessori@Home education for your child?

Every child learns in a different way, and at their own pace.

Montessori@Home Independent School teachers act as directors and create a learning program that is specific to the needs and interests of each child. Our prepared classroom environments are specifically designed to encourage children to actively participate in their learning, and attempts to develop our children physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively.

M@H programs promise a high standard of excellence where each child is challenged to compete against him / herself within the structure of vertically grouped classes.  M@H environments assist each child to achieve their full potential of academic accountability, personal responsibility, independence and self-confidence whilst nurturing an intrinsic learning ethos which is – “Learning for Life”.

Montessori@Home Independent School focuses on a close partnership between the home and school environments where we aim to close the gap in a bid to provide a holistic learning partnership between the child, the parents and teachers. The Montessori@Home Independent School is committed to following the fundamental principles of Montessori in each environment.

To have unbounded faith in children. To know that each child has great potential and to have the patience and wisdom to bring it forth. May love and understanding lead me.
— Maria Montessori


Montessori @ Home Independent School

is a progressive member of the

South African Montessori Association.